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SynAckFlood doesn't stop port scanners and security scanners, it tries to blind the scanner with an avalanche of false information. How?, well, when the target computer receive SYN packet to a closed port, SynAckFlood generates a SYN/ACK Responce such as the kernel tcp module, but parallel to it. The result is a avalanche of trash information. There are many possible defense systems designed to stop portscanners, syn cookies, synackflood, some systems that prevent sequencial port scanner, etc. But why don't we allow other people to see our port list? The principal reason is Security By Obscurity, the portscan alone are inoffensive, but are the prelude of security vulnerability scan. Another advantage of synackflood is that it blocks the attacker's ip address while the scan ends, also sending trash information (1K /dev/urandom at all ports)

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