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PwDump4.02 - dump winnt/2000 user/password hash remote or local.
            -- bingle@email.com.cn

I do some improve with pwdump3 to pwdump4:
  1. You can use any share just u have write access. provide /s: argument.
  3. Use named pipe to get result.
  2. No way to avoid, for only lsass.exe have prevelige to access sam.
  4. when run locally, use the work flow of pwdump2. provide /l argument.
  5. pwdump3.exe & pwservice.exe --> pwdump4.exe
  6. You can rename the exe & dll & service name as your wish.

  PWDUMP4 [Target | /l] [/s:share] [/o:outputFile] [/u:userName]
    [Target]  -- Target Computer's ip or name to work,
    [/l]      -- works on local Computer.
    [/s:share]        -- share to use to copy files on.
    [/o:outputFile]   -- Result filename for output.
    [/u:userName]     -- UserName used to connect to target, provider password later.
    [/r[:newname]]    -- Rename the files to 'newname' when copy to the target,
         rename service name also, see FAQ for more.

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